More Birds Squirrel-X1 Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

More Birds

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Feed birds (not squirrels!) with the revolutionary Squirrel-X1 Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder! If a squirrel tries to feed on any of the 4 spring-loaded perches, the X1’s integrated design shuts every port simultaneously, stopping racketeering rodents right in their tracks. From cardinals and grosbeaks to finches and more, songbirds love the X1’s long, broad perches. The wide top opening makes refilling a breeze. The X1’s reinforced metal tabs and metal-covered hanging wire are built to resist squirrel chewing. Its large, 4.2 lb. seed capacity lasts longer between refillings, and the built-in seed diverter keeps seeds flowing to hungry birds. With a satin nickel finish and a rugged metal frame, the Squirrel-X1 combines strength & style to bring you the ultimate in squirrel-resistant bird feeding and your best defense against squirrels!
  • Integrated spring-loaded perch design - a squirrel's weight shuts all 4 ports
  • Wide top opening for easy filling
  • Metal frame, reinforced metal tabs and metal-covered hanging wire built to resist squirrel chewing
  • Seed diverter helps to keep seed flowing and fresh
  • 4.2 lb. seed capacity
  • Satin nickel finish

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